Monday, August 11, 2014

Califriendcation Part 1: San Francisco

As promised, here are some photos of my recent trip to the west coast!  There are far too many photos to fit into one post, so I will be splitting the photos up into separate entries. 

The photos below are from our first morning in San Francisco when we visited the Ferry Building, which is both a terminal for ferries and a marketplace.  One of my friends that lives near San Francisco told me that going to Blue Bottle Coffee for their New Orleans Iced Coffee was a must.  Since Jeremy and I love (and can't live without!) coffee, we made it the first stop.  We also perused some of the other shops like Heath Ceramics and Stonehouse Olive Oil.  

We walked everywhere while we were in San Francisco, which gave us some really unique views of the city.  I love being on vacation and not feeling rushed to get somewhere.  We took as much time as we wanted to wander through used bookstores, record stores and other shops to rummage through interesting things.  We also stopped for baked treats at the famous Tartine Bakery!